Friday, April 3, 2015

Growing up

 Hard to believe this little guy is four months already! Bennett is precious, and I've been loving this stage.  He coos and smiles so much, and often seems happy just watching his big brothers and sister. He gets so many hugs and slobbery kisses each day, but doesn't seem to mind all the people in his space. Here he is with his "oatmeal" colored afghan from Great Gram.


  1. He looks super grown up! Cherish each moment. :)

  2. Don't know how I missed these last posts until now! LOVE Big Ben... he is so precious & smiley! Can't wait to see him again soon!!! And the kitchen of course looks fabulous-- your home is so peaceful and lively with your 5 "colorful" kids. :)

  3. Hey could you be distant family? I have the exact same last name Reichanadter. I was looking at records online and when my great great great great grandfather died he had family in a state down south. Would be cool to know. Rudolf Reichanadter was his name. "I am being serious, see if he is"